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Progression of the Occupy Movement

The occupy movement in my eyes pulled off a successful day of action on May 1 2012. The rallies across the nation, as well as, the globe showed an enormous turn out. Whether it was the group for students, immigrant workers, or unions the cause was freedom–and freedom was sought. Through the free universities held at Bryant Park or the marches in Seattle, people finally regained their voice and that was heard. Now that there is a concerted effort to keep the movement going, there must be a consensus of nonviolent disobedience no matter what the cause. If the movement reverts to violent outburst, all is lost, because it will destroy the true essence of the true revolution. I would also, be weary of government intervention, due to past actions on “radical” organizations….ie: the black panther party and other social movements of the mid-sixties till now, have infiltrated or try to use media to destroy organizational relations. We must steadfast in times of trouble and despair, because the product will be truly a democratic country where the people will regain their voice in how the country is to be operated.

Social media is going to be the most influencing way to reach new participators, as well as, organize rallies and new projects. First, let’s begin with the rally it needs to be have a specific purpose. Now this may seem a tad bit odd; however, to rally without a purpose is simple a large social gathering that turns into an angry mob. By establishing a concise means of action, we must consider the meaning or such actions as a completely United movement, rather than numerous factions. It are the factions of the movement that actually end up becoming more radical and extreme, however I use the words radical and extreme very loosely in these terms. Due to the negative connotations that are regarded with these words, I unfortunately will continue this language lock by defining radical and extreme in a negative light. The pure essence of having these negative factions will cause an overall negative view of the movement within it self- which will create doubt within the movement creating even more separate factions. The determination of today reflects tomorrow, so with that I will now discuss ideologies that must be considered.

I believe a revolution can be successfully accomplished if a concrete set of ideologies are determined which a constituency can be formed out of. Some may be wondering why must we conform to the current state of political “foreplay”, and this is why. To beat the politicians at their own game we must take their power and voice away just as they have with ours. By destroying the political machine that has been created, we will be able to accomplish major strides in our campaign for a more just democratic society. We must step out of our comfort zones and establish legitimate political parties throughout the United States in order to eliminate the two party dictatorship that has eradicated its’ peoples voice. The question of the general population is “what is this movement all about?” I have pondered this question for quite some time now and there are Thirteen points. (A) fair and equal representation in government, (B) the elimination of lobbyist from Washington and political forums, (C) salary limitations for corporations and inflated wages comparative in nature to prices, (D) amending the constitution to provide environmental provisions protecting the globe, (E) penalties to corporations that outsource laborious to other countries, (F) a comprehensive college bailout (G) The pay back of American Tax payer money by the auto industry, (H) immigration reform granting citizenship to individuals who have to register in order to be taxed appropriately, and are not eligible for economic help unless employed,(I) the dissolution of the CIA, FBI, NSA, into one specific branch of the government, and the reestablishment of the space program, (J) the reinvestment of the American government in education, (K) the reform of the American health care system creating generic prescription drug plans for all citizens, (L) A reform in patent law allowing beneficial technologies or drugs to be produced instead of being hidden under the protection of the law, (M) the taxation of off shore corporate accounts and retroactive tax evasion legislation.


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