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“One does not stop the juggernaut by throwing oneself infront of it”

“Unjust laws have to be fought ideologically; they cannot be corrected by mere disobedience or futile martyrdom” ( Rand 266). It has been way overdue for a moral and ethical code in the business industry, and I am not speaking of more regulations – but a sense of responsability for ones actions. Jp Morgan chase reported a 2 billion dollar blunder early last week: but the worst thing that happened to those in charge is that they lost their jobs, when in fact a lost job means very little to them because they have been able to retire and be financially better off than most. The worst part is everyday citizens cannot afford to fully retire in their 50 or 60s. In Florida the elderly has returned to the workforce claiming jobs that used to be held by hound adolescent adults in high school. This has created a displaced workforce in the youth age group within the United States. Companies pay even less to the elderly and they hold a much stronger work ethic. The problems do not lie in the system of capitalism but those who carry out the process of business, they lack of moral and ethical standards they hold are destroying this once, great nation where people once were able to acccomplish their dreams. I once believed in the world but as days go by this nightmare has come to fruition and I myself is ashamed to be an American. What happened to people? When did profit become more important than the person next door starving, or the woman down the street dying a slow painful death because she cannot afford her cancer medicine. It creates a sickness in the pit of my stomach to know Americans with defend the the legality of gay marriage but will not attack or fight for education or thy neighbors life. For a society whom claims that they’re values stem from Christianity resemeble a selfish society whom has resigned from having any concern for their own nations population. I am a firm believer in an isolationist policy because it will solve numerous plights around the world simultaneously. Now one may see this as a selfish act, but how can one present an altruistic philosophy when their own are hungry, uneducated, dying, and accruing enormous debt, while others get “fat” off the workers of this country – its backbone and only reason it can stand. The constituiton was created to protect individuals from a tryannical government and if one of those governments happens to come to power it is our duty to stand up, revolt, and overthrow such government power.

This is not a call to arms, but a call of action and resistance-march on Washington Occupy Congress, lets take back our voice lets dismantle the machine of defense and build a new nation that believes in peace and global prosperity.


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