The first Citizens Continental Congress for Equality

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog, this is because I have been studying for my teaching certification subject area test(social sciences)- so my apologies.

The latest idea I had thought of came to me while reading a couple of different books one pertaining to international relations, economics, world history, and economics. The current situation that is reoccurring within the United States, the complete violation of constitutional rights have been more prevalent in the last decade-moreso post 9-11. The governments justification has been to create legislation and policy which allows them to supersede the law of the land.  These new policies violate our fundamental rights that brought this country into a Revolution, which had evolved from unjust taxes,policies, and legislation into full-out resistance; where our founding fathers began writing and informing the populist about the aggregated offensives concurrent with the British parliament. Daubed the Federalist Papers, which provided substantial reasoning for the creation of a Union of States governed by a single government. What the founders failed to predict was the evolution of the political machine and the expansion of the union into a vast empire with vast foreign policies. The lack of hindsight about the evolution to politics, corporations, and foreign policy created a way for the government to supersede the laws of the Constitution. The purpose of amendments should make the constitution a living document because it changes with time.

What I propose is a whole new constitution created by the people to give birth to a truly democratic society. Reinvesting in the country rather than creating war based on corporate interest, the prosecution of government members who gain economic power by corrupt practices. The creation of a government based on reason and science rather than religion and “feeling”. This is how we’ll change the world for the better and regain our voice and power as citizens of the United States. No longer I ask that men and women follow our leaders as sheep do a herder, but stand on our own in solidarity and cast out these truly foul politicians. Not by physical violence but through the power of thy vote. Malcolm X once compared a ballot to a bullet, that bullets shot out randomly are not effective, but a bullet aimed at a target is mighty. So when it is time for you to vote aim your vote towards progress and prosperity, and not into an abyss of lies and suppression.

A revolution of great minds is in the midst a time for a new wave of progress and thinking; which will push the world into a new direction of humanity and discovery. Our greatest weakness as species are the creation of money and power because both corrupt and destroy creativity. We push through these medieval modern times towards a new enlightenment whether our government likes it or not, succession is not a choice. The union shall be preserved but its ideals reshaped and molded to the modern-day.