Socialism is not the Answer

Moral and Ethical Reformation 

         The one absolute truth I know is that socialism cannot exist because of the motivation and ambition factor that capitalism creates; therefore, a moral and ethical reformation needs to take place. My theory is radical, yet practical in implementing due to the repercussion of the definitive nature in how humans react to drastic change. By creating new social contracts between citizens and government that benefit the nation, as, “we the people” see fit.


        The first order that needs to be established is the redistribution of wealth, and I do not mean the “robin hood” effect, I simply mean moral and ethical standards that many professions have-for corporations and politicians. To accomplish the means, extremes must be taken into consideration, to establish a new social code that refutes the idea of profiting, while millions live paycheck to paycheck due to blatant exploitation of the immigrant and working class. Examples of exploitation can heel seen in the migrant worker population, which is modern day slavery and the retail industry who value profit over the well-being of their employee, not allowing many employees to obtain benefits by overstaffing to dilute the fulltime staff. In addition to these outsourcing must be involved influx this category. Companies and corporations who participate in this “Un-American” practice of exploiting third world societies for cheap slave like labor, must be taxed half of their profits and can only establish a 30% markup value to reappropriate the monies lost in the American economy due to corporate greed.


        The next reform would have to be in the government and the officials who hold office in order to recreate the government based on the 99%s needs rather those corporations and the disgustingly wealthy. The establishment of a Congress led by intellectuals is needed, rather than politicians whose interests are not for the common American, but rather for their own benefit. The politicians who have abused their power for monetary gain should be considered traitors to the union and have the just sentence so that these acts never are repeated. Once these new moral and ethical standards are put in place democracy and equalitism (eqaulity+capitalism) can flourish. Even though many believe capitalistic forces destroy individuality, it is not capitalism, but the people who use it to exploit the weak and poor- who have made this machine into a monster. The change starts with the taming of the monster; to have it work alongside of everyone rather just for a few individuals. Within the constitution all people have certain inalienable rights; which have been taken away for quite some time now- so I ask who is willing to take them back-because time waits for no man or woman, let us become one force for a new moral and ethical standard in the United States and the world.